Company Overview

Timeless Medical Systems® is an engineering firm dedicated to providing advanced software, hardware and IT solutions for Healthcare professionals. Our founding vision was to establish a Healthcare technology development firm that offers innovative products for the medical market.

At Timeless, we create custom software solutions to track and trace the handling and feeding of expressed breast milk, donor human milk, and infant formula in healthcare facilities and human milk banks across the US and Canada. Since 2004, we have saved thousands of babies from feeding errors.

Women & Infants™

Women & Infants manages, tracks & traces the entire preparation & feeding processes in hospitals & milk banks, and puts patient safety 1st.

  • Prevents errors in the preparation and storage of feedings
  • Stops incorrect or expired feedings from being given to infants
  • Reduces charting errors by integrating with your electronic medical records systems
  •

Latest News

Timeless Medical Systems® Announces the Release of the Newest Addition to its Women and Infants™ Product Line: FormulaTrak™, the World's First Infant Formula Tracking System. Read more...